March 25, 2009


Okay, it has been almost a week since I saw Watchmen.  I should have done this post then,'s me.

Now before seeing the movie, I had no prior experience with Watchmen.  None.  Only Steven Den Beste mentioning it over at Chizumatic put it on my radar.  And well, I liked the and large.  The ending was fantastic and took a movie I was iffy on, and turned it into something I'll say I enjoyed. 

However, I have two major problems with the movie.  (In addition to Manhattan's penis being on full display throughout the movie).  First: So many flashbacks.  And they are not all relevant to what is going on in the movie.  It slowed the movie down too much.  I was more concerned with the present story.  And I have to believe that fully half of the movie was flashbacks if not more. 

Second, the characters were far too proficient for ones that had given up on the crimefighting.  In a typical superhero movie or show it would have made sense, but not in one that is obviously trying to defy the conventions of the genre.  Even at their peak, it would have been absurd for them to have plowed through people as they did.  After not doing it for sometime?  Silly.

Plus, Ozymandius should have been in the movie more.  He was the coolest.  In part because Ozymandius is just such an awesome name, and such an awesome reference for a super hero...or whatever. 

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