July 28, 2007


Some people are dumb.  I always knew it, but recent events have reaffirmed it.  It is amazing the number of times you'll see a statement with no actual basis in anything even remotely resembling fact.  A recent and frighteningly common example has been, in Yahoo sports, they mention the various trade rumors concerning Teixeira.  In the comments section, I have seen several people mention that the various teams mentioned shouldn't make the trade because Teixeira is injury prone!  This is a player who, until his injury this year, played in more than 500 consecutive games!  How in the hell does the 27 games he missed this year outweigh the 500 games he played in previously?  What kind of disjointed view of reality does one have to have in order for that to make sense?

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July 15, 2007


Something I realized was that during the time I've had this, I have not made one, single post about anime.  The reason is pretty simple, I haven't seen a new (to me) anime in some time.  So I decided to post my basic tastes by ranking the anime I've seen.  Now, this is a measure of how much I enjoyed the anime, not necessarily how good it was.  Working from memory...

I'll add movies at some point.  I'm sure there are series that I am missing, they'll be added as I think of it.


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Baseball: Trading Deadline

I'm not a big fan of baseball though fairly often I watch the Rangers after the NBA season is over and before the NFL season begins to avoid an all out sports drought.  So, as a Rangers fan who is pleased by the team's win today, I offer this post... more...

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July 09, 2007

Offensive Player Rankings

Keep in mind that all of these rankings are a single fan's take on players based a lot on what I've seen and some on what others are saying.  If anyone ever reads them, I'm sure they'll disagree on quite a bit...heck I'm not happy with some of it myself...I keep thinking, 'Man, I have that guy ranked really high,' and 'I'd put this guy up here, but these guys have been doing it for years.'  In most cases veterans win out.  There are a few cases where I feel strongly enough about a young player that I put him over some established players.

Here we go, much anticipated (or not...as the case may be) offensive player rankings.


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July 08, 2007

Football: Player Rankings

I like football and I haven't posted in awhile so here we go:  My first annual (wait that doesn't make sense it's the first...it can't be annual)NFL Player Rankings...starting with defense.

I'll get to offensive players at some point...


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