January 13, 2009

NFL Playoffs

Ugh.  I'm checking out.  I don't really like any of the teams left in it.  If I had to chose anyone, I'd go Ravens.  Or as a last resort Cardinals.  But Steelers or Eagles?  Disasters, either one.  Last year was tolerable even if I hate the Giants because it was so much fun watching the Patriots (the team I hate the most, yes even more than the NFC East rivals) get the crap beat out of them.  If the Ravens make it till the end, I'll watch the Super Bowl, otherwise...what an ugly, ugly season.

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Divergence Eve and Last Exile

Well, I got Divergence Eve and the Misaki Chronicles with the Best Buy gift card I got on Christmas...and I don't know.  I'm one disc in and, well, I know I'm going to continue, but I'm in no hurry to do so.  Yeah, I knew about the over the top breast size (why every character?) going in.  And though irritating (why every character?), what I'm finding even more jarring is the downright bad CG.  I tend to dislike outright CG in anime to begin with, most of the time it is bad, and too jarring, and the CG here is no exception.  It's downright abysmmal.  I know I won't give up on the series.  After all, I plowed my way through Evangelion and Knight Hunters so I can get through this.  I just hope it picks up soon...and cuts down on the CG. 

On the other hand, I hope my roommates and I spend some time doing something other than playing games at some point so we can finish Last Exile.  It was an interesting show that I'm hoping to finish.

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