April 05, 2009

Finished: Gilgamesh

Bottom Tier.  Not because it is really a bad show throughout but because it is the worst assfuck of an ending I think I've ever seen.  The ending to this is worse than that of Gasaraki, Knight Hunters, and Evangelion mixed together and vomited on.  My freaking God.  If you tried, I didn't think you could ass up an ending this bad. 

Spoilers to follow:
Talk about TPK (total party kill).  Everyone dead?  Okay, that part I don't mind so much as the way that it shook down.  I've got no problems defying convention and killing off your major characters.  But it has to be done perfectly to get away with it.  But the collapsing line of dominoes of increasingly cooler and more interesting characters going down (that applies to just the major characters--with one exception: that of Fu, she should have been just before Tatsuya--not after Toru.) drove me crazy.  Toru going down in a rage over fucking Reiko (and just...uh...weird).  Then Fu going down stunned by Toru's death...ecetera. 

One cool thing came out of it: the Countess shooting that stupid fuck Kazmatsuri.

But the reason I detest the ending so much is that the Tear is shown to have been created from the Countess' inner desires?  And that she destroyed humanity and tried to start a new race because she was jealous of Terumichi's wife?!  Fuck that shit!  That's the most retarded explanation of retarded explanations ever.  I would have accepted that the Tear was a completely alien force with alien reasons for its actions before I would have accepted that.  Destroying the world and starting a new goddamned race because you want a man is so ridiculously beyond ridiculously psycho crazy that there are no words for it.  Especially since the Tear does this by contolling the man she was after?  I realize that the Countess isn't consiously controlling the Tear, but damn, the whole scenario is retarded. 

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Venus versus Virus

That ending made me angrier than I've been at any show since Mahoromatic.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at May 12, 2009 06:21 AM (+rSRq)

2 I can't say that I remember hearing of it before now.  If its ending deserves to be mentioned with Gilgamesh, I'll be sure to steer clear.

Posted by: Arson55 at May 14, 2009 02:47 AM (1DNya)

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