September 07, 2007

This Guy's an Ass...;_ylt=Aj9kvbRRwK__l9YPqjvxbZ9DubYF?slug=ms-thegameface090707&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

Scroll down to the bottom where he's responding to reader emails.  Now check out his response to Jared X. Thomas. 

I absolutely hate the sports writers that always fall back on the 'Well, I write professionally and talk to GMs.  My opinions are right, and you're not allowed to have yours' card.  I don't have problems responding harshly to an asshole emailer, but that kind of statement is an attack on all fans. 

My response to him below...

Silver, I'm amazed.  You can play the, 'I obviously know more about football because I've been writing about it professionally' card.  I have to say that that is really pathetic.  It is an insult to all of your readers, when you suggest something along the lines that because we haven't written about football professionally for thirteen years we can't know anything about the sport.  I'm sorry, but I was 9 thirteen years ago.  Hard to get a job doing it then.  But I would still like to think that I might have been able to learn enough about the sport in the time that I've been watching it that I am allowed to form an opinion that contradicts yours.  But, hell, what do I know?  I haven't been talking to GMs and coaches.

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