June 21, 2009

Started watching Tenjho Tenge...

And holy crap are there some nice ladies in this show.  When a girl like Aya is a distant, distant third on the hot girl rating...that's pretty significant.

I'm pretty sure that Maya Natsume and Chiaki will find their way onto my favorite anime females list. 

And Chiaki will stand out.  Maya fits in with the competent and athletic vibe that fills out the top part of the list, but Chiaki is so different.  She's rather gentle and so very sweet.  I liked Bob pretty much from the beginning.  But seeing him and Chiaki makes me like him more.  I understand why Bob would want to be strong for her.  She is so worth it.  Chiaki may find her way sneaking into the upper levels of the list...but then so could Maya.  They are both incredible. 

So far, I'm really enjoying the show.  As with all martial arts shows, you're not allowed to think (it will hurt you brain trying to make sense of it), but I like the characters.  None of them are bad...and like I said two of the girls are amazing. 

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