October 09, 2008

Random Oddity

I was looking through some of the reviews on chizumatic.  And I just confirmed something I always knew.  Steven Den Beste and I have fundamentally different tastes in anime.  Lain is one of his four star series and it barely makes my middle tier.  I enjoyed Moon Phase virtually the whole way through, and he couldn't get past the first disc.  He hated the ending of Cowboy Bebop, and I thought the last two episodes were some of the best in all of anime.  Some other series I like, some of my favorites like Utena and Rah-Xephon, are ones that he just wouldn't enjoy at all. 

Things that I like, shows that grow dark as they progress (or hell, start dark), or powerful, well done, but sad endings, turn him off.  And he likes cuter shows that I probably couldn't stand (or I might be able to roll with it...Moon Phase certainly gets cutey at times, but still...)

And yet there is some overlap.  Movies like the Ah! My Goddess and Princess Mononoke we agree are good. 

As far as series that we both seem to like I guess the one that really stands out is Crest of the Stars.  There are others that I liked that have decent scores, but in many cases, reading the actual reviews, I just seemed to enjoy the shows much more. 

Any point to this?  Not really.  Just an observation.  And that is really all this blog is are observations from me, and my opinions on random stuff.  Just wanted to point out that it probably shows something about the quality of Steven Den Beste's thought and writing that I still frequent his blog despite our differing opinions on the main subject matter.

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