July 09, 2007

Offensive Player Rankings

Keep in mind that all of these rankings are a single fan's take on players based a lot on what I've seen and some on what others are saying.  If anyone ever reads them, I'm sure they'll disagree on quite a bit...heck I'm not happy with some of it myself...I keep thinking, 'Man, I have that guy ranked really high,' and 'I'd put this guy up here, but these guys have been doing it for years.'  In most cases veterans win out.  There are a few cases where I feel strongly enough about a young player that I put him over some established players.

Here we go, much anticipated (or not...as the case may be) offensive player rankings.


1. Peyton Manning- What needs to be said?

2. Carson Palmer- Good player who throws a good ball.  He's also intelligent and he's given some freedom.

3. Tom Brady- His being this low would probably raise eyebrows.  He's a really good quarterback, I just think that Palmer is better.

4. Drew Brees- He's good at using his available weapons.  Without him the Saints would be nothing.

5. Matt Hasselbeck- He may be the most accurate quarterback in the league.  Part of it is scheme, most of it his ability.

Won't see on my list:  Quarterback is one position where most guys actually are as good as people think they are.  Roethlisberger was somewhat overrated before last year, and Vick was in years past, but the general opinion of those guys has fallen to about where they should be.


1. LaDanian Tomlinson- What needs to be said?

2. Frank Gore- This guy can get it done.  As long as he doesn't deal with further injury problems, he'll be fine. 

3. Steven Jackson- Good size and his abilities as a reciever get him here.

4. Brian Westbrook- Last year when he was finally given the chance he proved that he can run the ball well.  He is a very good reciever.

5. Shaun Alexander- Great vision covers a lot of flaws in back and Alexander's vision may be better than anyone elses.  Injury crippled his stats last year, but as long as he's healthy he is solid.

Won't see on my list:  Clinton Portis.  In part because he is out of place in Washington's offense.  Ladell Betts is simply a better fit and a fine player in his own right. 


1. Justin Griffith- Solid blocker, good runner, good all-around skills.

2. Greg Jones- As above with Griffith. 

3. Kyle Johnson- Good reciever at the position and a solid blocker.

4. Ovie Mughelli- Good blocker, decent reciever.

5. Dan Kreider- Good, pounding blocker.

Won't see on my list: Lorenzo Neal- Falling off with age.  Not the blocker he used to be.  He can't make linebackers pay anymore. 


1. Steve Smith- Played one man offense for the Panthers two years ago.  That is hard to do as a reciever.  Great deep threat who is also able to play the possession role despite his size.

2. Torry Holt- One of the most consistent recievers in the league.  Great route runner.

3. Andre Johnson- Where would this guy be with a good line and consistent quarterback play?

4. Roy Williams- A gamebreaking reciever with good size.

5. Reggie Wayne- He's become the better of Manning's two recievers.  Harrison is too quick to step out of bounds and doesn't attack the ball the way an elite reciever should.  Wayne doesn't have the same problems.

Won't see on my list: Randy Moss- Going to New England can't fix this guy.  He was never an elite reciever.  He runs only two routes.  Among the greatest deep threats ever, but nothing more.

Tight End:

1. Antonio Gates- What needs to be said?

2. Jason Witten- One of the better blockers among the elite tight ends as well as a solid reciver.

3. Tony Gonzalez- Still good.

4. Alge Crumpler- The only reliable reciever in Atlanta.  Solid blocker with playmaking ability.

5. Dallas Clark- He's very underrated.  He's a big match-up problem.  Is he going to play tight end or reciever on a particular play?  He's got the skills to play both.

Won't see on my list: Jeremy Shockey- All of the talent in the world goes to waste if you don't even try consistently.  He could have been the best tight end in the league, but he wastes it.


1. Jeff Saturday- With an offense as good as they have in Indianapolis you have to look at the line play.  With good line play you have to start at the center.

2. Olin Kreutz- This is the best player on the Bears offense.

3. Kevin Mawae- Older veteran that knows the game.

4. Tom Nalen- Still very good.

5. Nick Mangold- Wonderful rookie season.  Great draft pick by the Jets.

Won't see on my list: Andre Gurode- Good strength and quickness, but I worry about his ability to read the blitz and make the line calls.


1. Shawn Andrews- Awesome lineman. 

2. Brian Waters- The only good player left on that once marvelous line.

3. Eric Steinbach- Good lineman with solid mobility and excellent technique.  Size isn't ideal, but still a great player.

4. Vincent Manuwai- Fred Taylor did well and Maurice Jones-Drew is amazing, but a team doesn't run the ball that well without great blocking.

5. Mike Goff- I had a hard time deciding between Goff and Logan Mankins for this spot.  I decided to go with Goff in the end, but they're both good players.

Won't see on my list: Steve Hutchinson- His play fell off greatly last year.  If he gets back into form, sure, but last year he was supremely overrated.


1. Jammal Brown- Damned good player who came on strong last year.

2. Walter Jones- Still a good player but for how much longer.

3. Tarik Glenn- Someone has to keep pass rushers off Manning's backside.

4. Jason Peters- Now if only someone else on that line could block...maybe Dockery will be able to help out next year.

5. Marcus McNeill- Good job for a rookie.  Now he just has to improve.

Won't see on my list: This is another position I can't really think of an 'elite' level player that is actually pretty average. 

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