October 07, 2008

Moon Phase

Hmm...well I didn't see that coming.  We're now through disc 4 of Moon Phase.  And something weird happened.  It's a spoiler so down in the bottom it goes.
Grandfather and Elfriede (sp? too lazy to look it up now though) died.  Not cool at all.  They were probably my two favorite characters in the show.  And watching them grow together was kinda cool.  It happened suddenly almost immediately after filling in some big things in Elfriede's backstory.  And just as we're finding out that there really is something to the two of them always being seen together in the last few episodes.  And it happens fast.  Sure we knew another enemy was approaching, but given the way things worked with Kinkel, I expected it to last for awhile.  Not for things to go down the way they did with Elfriede and Grandfather just sacrificing their lives to destroy him. 

I've got no issues killing off major characters, even ones I like, but nothing seems to really change in the tone of the show which is a disservice to those two characters.  It was mostly a happy funny show before, and it seems to be much the same way now.  It almost seems like the reason they jump forward eight months is just so the characters will have had time to adjust; so they're not just depressed about the deaths.  This way they can keep telling their story about the cute, funny vampire girl, and her largely hopeless "slave."

This show is just too solidly in the middle tier for me to consider dropping it down to the bottom.  After all, I'm still kind of enjoying it. But, man, has my opinion dropped. 

Update:  So they're not dead.  But they're not really in the show much either.  You just see them occasionally, manipulating things from the shadows (often literally).  It kind of takes the bite from my complaints, but I still don't like it.  They don't provide the show with the same humor and life they did before.

And to be honest, I wasn't that surprised.  After all, them not really being dead does fit in with the light tone of the show, and does explain why the tone didn't change; or even hint at a change.

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