June 18, 2007


Damn you reality!  Let us try this again...stupid accidently hitting the wrong buttom and losing my post...

Take three...

I have been watching far too much Invader Zim recently.  I got the Complete Invasion at Best Buy last week and since then I have watched the entire series and all of the episodes that have commentary again with the commentary.  It was a great show.

(Just to use this since I didnt with my first post)

I sometimes wonder what the shows that I like, for example Invader Zim or Firefly, would have been like without the inevitable meddling from the executives.  Watching the commentary makes the pain worse because you hear of story arcs that never got a chance to take place or interesting ideas that the creator never got a chance to work into the show. 

I didn't have any particular goal with this post and I only mentioned Zim because I had a MIGHTY NEED! to work MIGHTY NEED! into the post due to the curs-ed influuenncce of that show.  I thought that would have been a little strange and so...well you can see the pathetic results(assuming anyone but me ever sees anything here)... I suppose I'm done now since I had a desire to post, but no actual subject matter...

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