November 10, 2014

Fate Stay Night again...

So, I think Fate Stay night has more posts than anything else here.  Anyway, I just got the first Fate Stay Night on Blu Ray and just rewatched it in the first time since my last post about it here years ago (the sub this time as over the years my tolerance for English dubbing on shows has dramatically declined).  The emotions of that show still hit me just as strong as ever.  I cannot see that image at the end of the stuffed lion sitting on the desk without tearing up.  

I still haven't played the VN or watched Fate Zero, though I am going to watch Fate Zero at some point though I'm not sure if I'm going to wait to finish Railgun first or not.  The thing is though, that it is the characters of the show that appeal to me so I have little enough interest in a prequel.  Still, going to watch it, mostly as a lead in to the remake.  I may finally break down and see about downloading the VN since it is apparently never going to get an English release, and, well, importing a ten year old game is somewhat outside of my price range.  

The thing about finishing a work like Fate Stay Night is that the more emotional I get about a work, the harder a time I have with moving on and doing anything else.   It's the one way that my middle tier animes are inevitably better than my top tier.  I watched a bunch of Tenchi, wrote a post, and then started watching Index.  Now, having rewatched Fate Stay Night, I started rewatching again from the beginning, stopped to look up the VN, checked to see if Fate Zero was on Crunchyroll, and then lamented that I was at my parents place instead of at home so I couldn't immediately figure out how to get a hold of the VN.

Certain shows and a couple of books affect me that way(the only game to do that to me is Bioshock Infinite, by no means the best game I've ever played, but I got drawn in emotionally far more than normal for me playing a game--which just might be the topic of my next post).  I get so invested in them that I cannot then change gears.  I mope about, sad that it is over, and have to do other things like write posts like this that only I'll read, or talk them over with someone.   So...yeah...I'm going to go and try to find something to get my head straight.  

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