January 13, 2009

Divergence Eve and Last Exile

Well, I got Divergence Eve and the Misaki Chronicles with the Best Buy gift card I got on Christmas...and I don't know.  I'm one disc in and, well, I know I'm going to continue, but I'm in no hurry to do so.  Yeah, I knew about the over the top breast size (why every character?) going in.  And though irritating (why every character?), what I'm finding even more jarring is the downright bad CG.  I tend to dislike outright CG in anime to begin with, most of the time it is bad, and too jarring, and the CG here is no exception.  It's downright abysmmal.  I know I won't give up on the series.  After all, I plowed my way through Evangelion and Knight Hunters so I can get through this.  I just hope it picks up soon...and cuts down on the CG. 

On the other hand, I hope my roommates and I spend some time doing something other than playing games at some point so we can finish Last Exile.  It was an interesting show that I'm hoping to finish.

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