July 15, 2007

Baseball: Trading Deadline

I'm not a big fan of baseball though fairly often I watch the Rangers after the NBA season is over and before the NFL season begins to avoid an all out sports drought.  So, as a Rangers fan who is pleased by the team's win today, I offer this post...

Let's make a deal.  Come on, everyone, you know you want to. 

How about going for the mighty Texiara?  Only three games since coming back from injury and he already has three doubles and a game winning home run.  How would that look in your lineup?  He's a gold glove first baseman if his bat isn't enough incentive.

What about Kenny Lofton?  He has a .391 on base percentage and 20 stolen bases.  Wouldn't that be useful?

Or Gagne.  Wouldn't such a consistent closer be attractive to so many of you?  What better way to improve your bullpen than to bring in this man and move your poor imitation of a closer to the eigth inning.  Do it, and I'm sure you won't regret it.

What about Sammy Sosa?  He leads the team in home runs and RBIs.  63 RBIs is pretty nice in only half a season, wouldn't you want the other 63 to come while he's in your lineup?

All it will cost you is some top prospects and some boderline major league ready players; they're not going to help you any this year.  But these men can.  So come on Angels; don't you want to stay ahead of the surprisingly dangerous Mariners?  Dodgers, don't you want to get those pesky Padres off your backs?  What about you, Detroit?  You want to find an edge in your battle with Cleveland, don't you?  And as for you Yankees...nine games isn't so far back if you try...of course, unless you want to make a deal with the Rangers you most likely won't have enough to catch those blasted Red Sox. 

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