April 05, 2009

...but the rant continues

My bitching about the end of Gilgamesh was just paused, not stopped.  I had to go to bed for work. 

Once again, spoilers follow.
It isn't just that I can't make any connection between the Tear's actions and it's origins.  But the Tear's origins don't make any sense on their own.  Okay, so Delphys is influenced by human emotions, and from that came the Tear.  I'll buy that...I guess.  But why the Countess?  No reason is given for why Delphys was so heavily influenced by her.   She's not really extraordinary.  Sure, she's smart, possibly a genius, but there were hundreds of scientists from all over the world.  Why not Terumichi or his wife?  You know, the first two people to encounter Delphys?  I refuse to believe that the Countess' feelings for Terumichi were so strong that they overrided everyone else's.  And even if they were (which they weren't) at least put a few lines about it during the show. 

In short:  Fuck you, Gilgamesh.  Never come near me again.  Or I will kill you.

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