May 14, 2009

Finished: Eden's Bowy

I actually finished it awhile ago, I just never bothered to put this post up.

Middle Tier: I was almost tempted to put this in my upper tier.  But I think ultimately I just prefer more serious anime, and this just doesn't make the cut.  Don't get me wrong, the show is a lot of fun.  And it dips it's hand into more serious waters, without the laughably inept moments that other lighthearted shows usually have when they try for a serious tone.  At the same time, it doesn't quite reach the point where those moments have the force that they should. 

I guess the main reason I can't get behind this show as a top tier show (other than it just not being serious enough to reach those heights for me) is the main character.  Sure, he's amusing enough, but so are most of the other characters.  But he's just so very inept and clueless most of the time.  Exceedingly so.  He's not Shinji Ikari's level of whiny loser; he actually does buckle down and try.  And he does have a much better attitude than a lot of loser main characters, but most of the times when things get rough he only seems to get out of it because of his natural power as a god hunter or because one of the other more competent characters intervenes. 

Update:  Um, weird...I actually posted this one before my re-list of my top tier shows.  Wonder why it shaped out this way.

Update again:  And now they switch back around...hmm...

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