February 21, 2009

Finished Two more shows:

Middle Tier:  Hellsing- I liked Hellsing.  It wasn't a great show, but it was a good one.  It put together a handful of interesting characters, and put them against reasonably competent enemies, and kept me entertained the whole way through.

Bottom Tier- Bastard!!-  I loved the hell out of Bastard.  It was just so much fun.  But that is because Bastard is so clearly in the so bad it is good territory.  Everything was horrible--but the good kind of horrible.  From the main character's name being Dark Schneider (obviously Rob Schneider's cousin...even though they don't look alike, or sound alike, and Dark Schneider is clearly funnier), to the nonsense spells (Wait so you call on the power of fire to cast Venom...which has nothing to do with either fire or venom?  The ultimate attack spell Harrowing is cast three times and kills a grand total of...no one.).  Dark Schneider has a horrible voice in both Japanese and English so we just watched the English version and just rolled with it (and it is hilarious).  Oh, and the four Lords of Havoc seem to be naturally drawn to cliff faces.  And let's not forget that the castles of note are clearly named after rock bands Iron Maydon (Iron Maiden), Judas (Priest), Whiteos-Neiki (White Snake), Meta-Ricana (Metallica). 

Making this more amusing, I find out this is actually the case in the original Japanese manga, and the names were changed for the American release to prevent law suits.  Nice going guys, you manged to change it, but still keep it so that people can still tell what they were originally.  I wish you would have done a better job on the spells.  I didn't even realize Harrowing was Helloween.  Megadeth as Megadeath was an easy one though.

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February 01, 2009

RahXephon Dub

I was watching RahXephon again.  I'm through the first three discs.  And I'm sure again that it is still my favorite anime.

But I noticed something strange.  I actually like the dub.  Usually I watch the dub either because I just don't bother to change it, or I'm watching with my roommates who seldom watch the shows subtitled.  But in this particular case I started watching it in Japanese then switched back to the dub.  This has got to be ADV's best.  That sounds like damning with faint praise, but I actually mean it as a good thing.  Sure, it has all of the same voice actors as all ADV shows, but the casting just seems better than normal, their voices fit the characters better, or they deliver their lines better.  I don't listen to the characters and think about how they sound just like someone else in some other show.  Obviously I recognize the voices, but I don't find myself dwelling on it as I do when I watch most ADV shows. 

I don't actually know if the dub is better than the Japanese language version.  The Japanese language version might well be better.  But I'm such a fan of the dub that I don't feel the urge to find out. 

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