November 19, 2014

Fate Stay Night Visual Novel

So, finally playing it, and I just unlocked my second ending--the Good End for the Unlimited Blade Works route.  And, well, some thoughts.  I'm probably not breaking new ground with this given how long it has been around but, whatever.  If you're like me and avoided it until now, spoilers below as usual. 

Obviously, I still have another ending to unlock from UBW and I still have to play through Heaven's feel.  This little bit is solely about the Good End to UBW. 
Okay, so umm...this ending totally leaves open the possibility of a relationship between all three of Saber, Rin and Shirou.  I've been completely open about my love for both Rin and Saber in the past.  But it's not just wishful thinking that has me reading in that possibility.  There are plenty of canon elements that lead to the reading of that possibility.  For one, in different routes, Shirou falls in love with both Saber and Rin.  And all of the elements that lead up to them are still in play. 

In the Fate route towards the end, Shirou realizes he was in love with Saber from the very first moment he saw her.  The events of the Fate route (most crucially, Saber getting destroyed in her fight with Beserker) led him to realize that pretty quickly--namely in the two weeks or whatever that the game takes place in.  It's pretty clear that this realization is expedited since he has that feeling he has to protect Saber--entirely because the lasting image of her in his mind for much of the game is her bleeding heavily struggling to stand.  In the Unlimited Blade Works route, he never has that feeling because his image of her in his mind is that of her standing over Beserker about to deal a (evidently) lethal blow.  Kind of hard to feel like you need to protect some when you saw them roflstomp a superhumanly strong and fast giant.  That said, his falling for Tohsaka in this route proves that he doesn't need that feeling of protectiveness to fall for a girl.  So my thinking is that in time he will come to realize that he loves Saber as well. 

And as for Saber/Rin?  I present the evidence of the canonical threesome in the Fate route.  Rin was definetly into Saber, even commenting that she never realized she was into girls until she met Saber.  Saber never says anything in regards to how she feels about Rin as far as a sexual relationship goes, but she did show every sign of responding favorably to Rin's actions in the scene itself so I can't say that I think she would have too much of a problem were there to be an ongoing relationship.

Needless to say the good end here is my absolute favorite ending to any game ever.  Rin and Saber are two of my all time favorite female characters in any media ever with both having the full package: looks, personality, strength, and character growth.  So any ending the leaves open the possibility of a One True Threesome including those two is gold.  And honestly, I think that the characters could work within that situation without losing themselves and without them being out of character.  We know that Shirou loves both Rin and Saber.  We know that Rin loves Shirou and is, at least, very attracted to Saber.  And we know that Saber loves Shirou and, at least, respects Rin.  And both Shirou and Rin will be needed to magically support Saber in order to keep Saber in this world.  And we know that their primary means of transferring energy is through sex.  There is no reason that once Rin has had a chance to teach Shirou he cannot share his energy directly with Saber and skip the middle man.  If there turns out to be a place for a relationship between the two girls as well, so much the better.  I think all three would ultimately be happier. 

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