October 20, 2014

Well, this is strange.

Have you ever been on the internet and found your old blog that you haven't updated in three years, and been like: 'Hey, I want to do something with this?' 

Well, I haven't.  Actually what happened is I have started collecting the Tenchi series (So far the three OVA series and the Tenchi Universe series).  I started watching them (So far the OVAs...going to start on Universe after I finish this post) and it made me somewhat nostalgic and I happened to think of this place and my top anime females list and wondered if this was still a thing.  So...yeah.  Over the course of the the upcoming weeks, I'm going to make one last attempt at reviving this even though I am certain that absolutely no one will read this.  Who knows, convincing myself to update a blog periodically may get me in the habit of writing again, and I may actually get around to finishing that novel I'm 60,000 words into. 

Upcoming are posts on Tenchi.  Possibly also post something on Log Horizon.  Maybe I'll do something about the Dallas Cowboys surprising success so far this year, and maybe some thoughts on Rangers baseball.  I never really had a thought on what this blog was supposed to be, and apparently that is going to continue. 

Random update:  Oh, and it looks like at least some of the blogs I used to read when I was around this neck of the internet are still around.  I might have to check in on them again. 

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