October 04, 2009

Death Note (Live Action) Pt. 2: Light

This is so driving me crazy.  I can't even get enough of a post up to get my thoughts on L and Light up in one post.  Oh well

Spoilery: I hate Light.  Seriously.  There has never been a fictional character that I have ever hated as much as I hate Light.  I hate the way he murders people with absolutely no hesitation.  I hate the way he manipulates everybody.  I hate the way he plans out the death of his own girlfriend just so he will get sympathy and be allowed to work with the team chasing Kira.  The moment I realized how much I hated Light was when he was speaking with Ryuk after he killed his own girlfriend.  Ryuk said that he she had loved him and asked if Light had loved her.  Light says, "I don't know," and there is a slight smile on his face.  I fucking hate Light.  I kept watching after that just waiting for his ass to get killed. 

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